Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sparks in the Kiln: Bottle Cap Jewelry

I knew way back when, while living in Monterey that drinking all of those Henry Weinhard root-beers would one day pay off. . .

All three were Christmas gifts for friends here in Oz.

Sparks in the Kiln: Term 3 Pottery: 2011

This was the term of non traditional firings. . . and I loved it.

First up, sawdust firing. The end results will be a decorative piece of pottery, not a food safe product.

Trish & I loading the kiln (barrel) with sawdust.

Checking the depth of the sawdust.

Here are my pieces. Photo holders and well, just a decorative piece.

All loaded and ready to go.

The final product a week later.

Digging out our pieces.

The end results. 

This piece I made with exhibition in mind. I've never made a piece solely for an exhibition. I always make pieces with people in mind so this was a bit of a personal challenge for me.

I also attempted a new technique.Patching slabs of clay together. I was pleased with the end results and hope to do more of this type of work. 

Unfortunately it didn't make the exhibition deadline. Still bummed about it, but I'm ready for next year's exhibition! This piece is entitled "Bits of the Bush: Patchwork"

Woodfire raku. Here's a little secret . . . raku firing is my most favorite type of firing.

Tara and I getting our trash bins ready for our pieces.

Stoking the fire.

The following pictures are what happens when you wait for the kiln to reach the right temperature.

Kiln is ready, pieces are in.

First lot of pieces ready to be removed from the kiln and placed into our prepared trash bins.

 Waiting to lid the trash bins.

 My basket just placed into the trash bin.

Notice how the glazes are already showing up some sweet colors!

  I'm gettin excited!

 A few more pieces placed in the trash bins.

Below are my pieces from the Raku firing.

One day I will raku fire in my own backyard. 

That sums up Term 3: 2011

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Sparks in the Kiln: Term 4 Pottery: 2011

I started a new series entitled "Little Pretties". The texture is from a doily that was given to me by my mother. I have a thing for doilies, and was looking for a way to incorporate them into my pieces. I'm pleased with the end results. 

This bowl took me 7 weeks to create, mainly because I only get one day a week in the studio. 
This piece was created for Dave & Fiona McDonald a.k.a. The Macca's. It was a farewell gift as they were getting ready to plant a new church in Darwin Aus. after being here in Canberra for 20+ years. 

My goal was to collect leaves from people in the church. I asked people to bring me a leaf from their garden.

I placed the leaves on the inside of the bowl and bottom side. The bottom side also has the names of the giver near their leaf.  I loved the process of making this bowl, and I loved the meaning behind this bowl.

Sadly the Macca's have had to put moving Darwin on hold. Just 2 weeks before their departure Dave was diagnosed with lung cancer. I have given them the bowl and was pleased to hear from Dave this past weekend that it's full of fruit. Just like their lives. . . full of good fruit even in the midst of trials and hard times.

I've had this piece in mind for several months.
 It is a memorial piece for our dear friends in California who lost there sweet baby girl after 33 days of fighting for her life. 

I wanted something subtle and something that big brother could contribute to. Hence the bud vases.

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That sums up Term 4: 2011.