Monday, 7 February 2011

Love Art #1

Here's the the story behind Sparks In the Kiln Blog:

I am a stay at home Mum of 2 boys. I'm not some big time artist. I love Jesus, people, and art and this blog is a compilation of my loves. I desire to help those in need whenever I can, this is my simple way of helping out.

I created this blog to sell/auction off my artwork. This portion of my blog I have entitled:

Love Art

100 % of my sales will NOT go into my pocket but be given to the individual whom I have dedicated my Love Art post to, in order to help them during their time of need.

How does Love Art work?

  • Excellent question! I am not exactly sure! I'm going to give it a try and see how things go. As with anything new I'm sure there will be some changes to be made. All I ask is that you are patient with me and spread the word about Love Art. Remember I am a mum first, artist second :)
  • Bulleted ListI will most likely share with you the need, but not the names of those who are in need.
  • I decided to sell my art because I feel it's a win win situation for all involved: I get to create. You get to own something or gift something. My favorite part, someone is blessed during a difficult time.
Love Art Auction
  • Place a bid! I will post my art for a certain amount of time allowing you to make a bid by leaving a comment. At the end of the allotted time, the highest bidder is the winner.
  • If you win the bid please factor in $3 to $5 for shipping cost. I will cover the remaining shipping/packaging fees.
  • The winners will be announced on my blog and will need to email me at for my PayPal details.
  • I plan to post 3 pieces of art per auction.

So, if that all makes sense and you want to help out keep on reading. . .

My first Love Art is dedicated to a family I have known for many years. I consider their influence in my life at a young age one of the main reasons I can today stand before you and say that I am a Christian. I know that they said many prayers for me. I am so thankful for those prayers and for how they taught me about Jesus at a young age. In my teen years they poured love and hope into my angry and bitter soul. I am not exaggerating when I say their deep love for Jesus and for me, pulled me out of some of my darkest days.

This husband and wife have just experienced one of the worst tragedies a parent could ever endure. They lost their 36 year old son in head on collision. He left behind 4 young daughters. My heart aches for this family, words cannot convey how my heart has grieved since hearing this news.

This Love Art is to raise money for this couple to make a trip to see their daughter who is currently in rehab. After covering the cost of a funeral, the expenses of traveling to see their daughter are more then they can handle. I want more than anything for them to be able to hold one of their children in their arms.

Would you like to help out?

Buy some Love Art!
Love Art Auction #1:

Place bid in comments. When bidding please indicate which piece you are bidding on #1,#2#3

#1 Perseverance:

Fun, Bright, & Encouraging
Acrylic on 6x12 canvas
Starting bid: $3.00

#2 Love, makes you pretty.

Simple & chic
Decoupage, acrylic on 8 x 8 canvas
Starting bid: $3.00

#3 Love Each Other:

Simple words sum it up.
Acrylic on 3 4x4 canvas
Starting bid: $3.00

**This auction will end on: February 14th at 12:00 a.m. (USA time)**
(seems to fit the whole LOVE theme)

Next weeks Love Art will be 3 pieces of pottery :)

Please spread the word: blog, twitter, facebook.
I'd be so thankful for any support!

Happy Bidding!


  1. Awe-some!! I love it. Will share with friends. Praise the Lord!!!!

  2. We'd like to bid on item #3 "Love Each Other"

    $10.00 USD ;-)

  3. i'm bidding on #2!! $10 USD as well!!! :)

  4. My friend Cherie posted this on her facebook, so here I am. Your work is beautiful! I would love to bid for #1! What a lovely thought - love Spurgeon! I'm bidding $15 USD

    PS Are you British? I noticed you called yourself Mum. I am British living in American and I love it when my children call me Mum. It reminds me of home!

  5. I'd like to bid on #3...$15 USD.

    This is an AMAZING idea, Sara! Hoping to put your art up in my nursery. :)

  6. Hi! I'm Jenell Cline's SIL and got here through a link she posted! :) LOVELY idea and love the idea! I will bid $15 on #2. Your artwork is beautiful, will be following your Love Art blog for sure! :)

  7. Sara I just love how big your heart is not only for Jesus but for others.. I think this is an amazing idea! I will bid on #2 for #25. Love you and miss you guys!

  8. I'm so glad I came to check...I bid on #3 a few days ago, but it didn't post!!! Ok, lets try this again. #3 $20 USD

  9. is this still going on, sara?? if not, i guess i lost #2, if so, i'll bid $30! (i love you tanya! ;)

  10. oops! just saw the winners! bummer for me, yippee for tanya! sara- could i commission a #2 for myself?