Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sparks in the Kiln: In Memory of Caleb

Sparks in the Kiln: Kiddo Birthday Gifts

There are so many kid birthday parties once your child is in school!

I've tried to make some gifts to cut back on cost and overloading children with toys.

Here are a few recent gifts:

Decoupage jewelry boxes.

 This recipe makes HEAPS!
I fill large mason jars and keep it on hand for last minute gifts! 
It's not overly sweet, so if you like your cocoa sweeter you may want to add some extra conf. sugar.

Sparks in the Kiln: Paintings

A few paintings I've done this year for gifts.

This is the painting that I was wishing for an easel.

Sparks in the Kiln: Scripture Bunting, Oh How I Love Thee

Last year was a rough year for me, during one of the really rubbish times my sweet girlfriends back home sent me 2 buntings both bursting with scriptures written by them.
It has to be one of my most favorite and cherished gifts, the beautiful Words of the Lord, comforting me and encouraging me every time I look up above my kitchen sink and at my bathroom mirror. And to see the different hand writing of each of my cherished friends. I love it.

It's inspired me to make a few of my own to send off to some pretty special ladies.

Sparks in the Kiln: Crafting Sisterhood

Oh the catching up I have to do here at Sparks in the Kiln!!

So this year I decided I was going to create a once a month craft night for some of my close friends.  It's a small group of ladies whom I love and adore.  After last years ups and downs, and really struggling to invest in others when I felt like such a mess myself, I decided to make up for lost time, conversations and crafting.

So I plan a craft or two or three, buy the supplies, make a dessert and invite the ladies on over. The real magic behind the night are the conversations, laughs, and friendships. . . and sometimes we actually complete a project.

After the first gathering, we decided to take turns planning craft: 

First session: we made picture frame dry erase boards and bok choy stationary

Second session: We went with an Asian theme, Pauline taught us how to make fried rice and I planned washi tape crafts: 

Third session: Rachel taught us how to make our own, all natural, chemical free hand creams.

Behold, the crafting sisterhood.

Session #1: As a new Pinterest addict (can we say time sucking vortex?) 
 I found most of our craft ideas for the night there. 

First session: overly organized and stoked.

Session #2 : Pauline taught us how to make fried rice. You all need to know that she happens to make the best fried rice ever. I think I fell in love with Pauline when she brought me several batches of fried rice after Sammie was born, I hardly knew her then. It was such a blessing, super good and a major comfort food after having a baby on the other side of the world. We also celebrated Grandma Bekah's birthday!

I love this girl! 
I mean really, who can laugh like that with a knife!! 
Not me people, not me.

FODMAP friendly: no onion or garlic, made with gluten free soy sauce. . . 
Gosh I love Pauline and her fried rice is the bomb! 

Session #3: Rachel my most favorite hippie friend taught us how to make our own lotions with no chemicals. Note:
 Rachel is also my friend that always smells the best. . . just sayin.
No offense other friends ;) 

 Happy Hippies.

 This would be Catherine: she is my friend who always has the best facial expression. always.

 There was HEAPS of stirring done that night.

 Counting essential oil drops is serious business. 

 Catherine can stir all these ingredients into lotion super fast.
 I think it's her mutant power.

 Bekah in full blown concentration . . . we take lotion making very serious. 
I think deep down we're all hippies.

 Still stirring.

The sad nes is, one of the sisters will be leaving us really soon. Lotion night was our last craft night with Grandma Bekah . . . I can't even think about it. Makes my heart terribly sad to be saying good bye (for now) to such an important part of our life here in Oz.  I'll save the rest for another blog post.