Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sparks in the Kiln: M.S. Walk Donation

My friend Caroyln is an M.S. fighter. We've been friends for years and she still amazes me with her wit, positive outlook and love for the Lord despite the challenges she faces with M.S.

You can read about her and her team Walk with Wheels here

Take a minute to send her some love or support her team!

I wanted to make something this year for her silent auction. I'm sure the gift certificates and such will bring in heaps more money, but it gave me a chance to give to her cause while living on the other side of the globe. If I were there I'd be walking with her!! Someday :)

Good news is, it arrived in one piece. If you all know me and my shipping of pottery record, it ain't pretty!

Sparks in the Kiln: Written Love

I have a dear friend here in Oz who is also a transplant, she is from Ireland but has moved here permanently with her husbands job. It's been good to have a friend who knows the life of "packing up, moving away, saying good-bye, hello, good-bye, hello, unpacking, packing" etc. Needless to say we have a lot in common and she has been a true blessing to me, especially during these past few months.

I had the pleasure of meeting her mother who came for a 3 month visit recently. I adopted her has our Grandma Ruby. The boys loved her, especially Sam who is now known as the "wee little man".

I wanted to do something special for both Jacqui and Ruby at the end of her 3 month stay. Saying good bye to family after a visit is the pits.

I came up with 12 Months of Written Love. I created 24 cards, 2 sets of 12 identical cards. Each card has a month stamped on it. The idea is that each month they will be able to sit down and write a little note just to say "I'm thinking of you." "I miss you." "I love you" and send it off. In return they get the same card in the mail with some written love in return.

I packaged them up with a pen inside some cute boxes I bought on

It was well received and it always makes my day when Jacqui lets me know that she got her card from Mummy.

Ideas: Could be a great gift for military couples, friends moving/relocating

Sparks in the Kiln: Art for Baby Noah

A cherished couple we know is expecting their first baby. Every baby is a miracle, Noah is most definitely a miracle. We have been praying for this little guy for several years and are so thrilled for him to arrive in October.

I asked if I could create some art for Noah's room. I asked the couple for some of their favorite scriptures regarding Noah and their pregnancy.

I wanted to create something that would grow with a growing boy, nothing too babyish.

Here is the end result:

Sparks in the Kiln: Kitchen Tea Wreath

I've been doing quite a bit of crafting lately. Some of which I can't post due to the whole gift factor. . . I hate to ruin surprises :)

Here is a recent fun and favorite project I thought I would share. I found it on Pintrest, it belongs to Kojodesigns:See it, Love it, Make it (gladly!) Thank you Kojodesigns for sharing!!

Here is my take on Kojodesign's Kitchen Tea wreath:

It took me about 2 hours for the whole project ( I was recovering from surgery, so it could be even quicker!) It was a gift for my friend Catherine's 33rd Birthday, she threw the best tea party I've ever been to. In fact I'm quite sure it would have made the Queen jealous. Let me know if you make one!

I will be making more of these I'm sure, and if you're looking for a fun girls night out craft, I would recommend this one!