Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sparks in the Kiln: Love Art . . . To be continued

On behalf of Jed, we would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to: visit Love Art, read his story, send emails, spread the word and bid on his art. He is very excited and eager for the auction to end so that he can send the money to Samaritan's Purse.

Jed really enjoyed painting these pieces of art. In fact, he has insisted on a Love Art #4. Jed's request is that his next set of paintings be for those in Japan. Again, Jed will give 100% of the money received for his artwork to Samaritan's Purse for relief aid in Japan. We plan to post his next set of artwork shortly after Love Art #3 finishes.

Just a reminder Love Art #3 will be ending on June 10th at 12 a.m. (EST)

P.S. As Jed's parents, we are grateful to all of you who have made it possible for Jed to do what he loves to do, give to those in need. Thank you!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sparks in the Kiln: Love Art #3 by Jed

Welcome to Love Art #3!

Love Art auction #3 is finished!
The winners are:
#1 The Socci's
#2 Philip
#3 Grandma Bekah

Please email me at Sparksinthekiln@gmail.com for details!

Thank you all so much for your bidding and kind words.
Jed has been blessed!

This Love Art is quite unique and very dear to me, allow me to explain. I have the privilege of mothering Jed. This little guy is your typical 5 year old boy who loves Star Wars, Legos, Nerf guns, wrestling etc. 100% boy! Beneath all of that, he's full of enormous love. This little guy loves better than I do. Actually I wish I were more like him when it comes to his love for others. At 5 years old he has a huge burden for orphans, prays for those at war around the globe, and makes sure his Mum gives money to the homeless.

As we all know, our world is a big fat mess. This is something that try as you may, can not be hidden from an inquisitive little guy like Jed. As much as I would love to keep my son in a bubble and paint a picture of rainbows and gum drops, the world we live in does not allow it. Jed is too smart to be fooled, he knows things are a mess and with that come the questions. So Jason and I tell him what we think he should know and allow him to see what we think should be seen regarding the natural disasters that have taken place, the wars etc. We use these opportunities to have good discussions with him about God, life, death, people etc. We use these moments to instill in him a heart and a desire to help and think of others and take the time to pray as a family.

With all of the recent disasters, we have had many Jed initiated conversations about those affected by the disaster. We often ask Jed "So what do you think we can do to help?" Here are some of his answers "We can pray." "We can send money to help build new homes." "We can buy them some things, like toothbrushes and beds."

So here we are, Love Art # 3. We thought we would enable Jed to do what his little heart loves to do. . . GIVE. This is our way as parents of allowing Jed to give to those in need. We also want him to know that "size matters not" and that even at the age of 5 you can still give to, help, and bless others.

100% of this auction will be going to
to help with relief aid in Joplin, Missouri.

We have chosen Samaritan's Purse for two reasons: 1. During times of great loss and tragedy they meet both the physical and spiritual needs of those affected. 2. Jed really likes that they are named after the good Samaritan in the bible. In his words "Samaritans are people who help other people who need help!"

Jed has worked very hard to create three auction pieces. I only gave him the tools to create and painted the edges ; ). As he was painting, we talked about selling his pieces and raising money and this is my favorite quote "Yes!!! We're going to be rich, for those who don't have anything!!!"

Place bid in comments.
Please indicate which piece you are bidding on #1, #2, or #3
and include your name (anonymous bids will not be accepted)

*This Auction will end on June 10th*
* 12:00 a.m. (U.S.A. time) *

#1 Marble Love
Starting bid: $10

# 2 Jed meets Paint brush
Starting bid: $10

# 3 Bubble wrap: Joy & Hope
Starting bid: $10

Love Art Auction
  • Place a bid! I will post the art for a certain amount of time allowing you to make a bid by leaving a comment. At the end of the allotted time, the highest bidder is the winner.
  • If you win the bid please factor in $3 to $5 for shipping cost. I will cover the remaining shipping/packaging fees.
  • The winners will be announced on my blog and will need to email me at Sparksinthekiln@gmail.com for my PayPal details.
  • One last thing . . . spread the word for us, tweet, fb, blog!

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